Gold Plus Limited Package

$99.99 + 25% Commission on Sales

Sale Lizard

Our Gold Plus Limited Package, designed for Members using our services for at least 12 months, maximizes profits through lower commissions on sales.  All Gold Plus Limited Members receive a 5% commission discount on each item sold, and also realize annual savings of $20.00 off the Limited Assistance price.


You have come to the right place if you have basic computer & photography skills, and are able to ship your items to customers in a timely fashion once they sell.  The Gold Plus Limited Package is perfect for customers who don't want to bother setting up and creating online sales accounts or worry about establishing online payment services.  We do the hard work to ensure your items are visible to online customers around the world, you get to enjoy the benefits of unlimited online sales!  

We generate online product listings for your goods after you submit product descriptions and photos.  Your items will be available for sale through our online storefront(s), affiliated with eBay, Amazon, and/or other marketplaces.  We satisfy all marketplace fees associated with your sales, along with our commission payment, and promptly issue you payment following a 45-day clearance period.


The Gold Plus Limited Package requires customers be responsible for accurately describing their product(s) for sale, and adhering to timely shipping guidelines once items sell.   

Here's How it Works:

1. Select the Gold Plus Limited Package and issue payment.  Instructions will be provided via email to finalize the registration process, along with email link to access the Sale Lizard Member Portal.

2. Upload photos of your item(s) for sale, along with accurate descriptions.  Your monthly subscription allows you to generate as many items as you want to sell (unlimited).  You will also determine the desired sale price of your item(s).  Please note we only accept submissions for items that have an estimated $40.00 or greater value.

3. We notify you once your item sells, and provide your buyer's address for shipping.  You will be required to ship your item within three (3) business days.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your account and may result in account termination.  Please send us the tracking details (tracking number and shipping service provider) once you ship the item.  We issue the balance of the payment after 45 calendar days of item receipt.  Payments to sellers are issued via PayPal or Check.  

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