Full Service Package

$699.99* + 30% Commission on Sales

Sale Lizard

Our Full Service Package is available to Members physically located in the South Central PA area (50-mile radius of Harrisburg, PA).  Our team of professionals meets with you to discuss the asset liquidation process (free telephone consultation), inclusive of a multitude of sales options. 


We specialize in collection and liquidation of large quantities of items, quickly and efficiently.  Our mobile services allows us to easily transport items to be liquidated, freeing-up space at your location while we work on supporting your downsizing needs.  Please note we only collect items that have an estimated $20.00 or greater value.


Your items will be available for sale through our online storefront(s), affiliated with eBay, Amazon, and/or other marketplaces.  We satisfy all marketplace fees associated with your sales, along with our commission payment, and promptly issue you payment following a 45-day clearance period.  We do the hard work to ensure your items are visible to customers around the world!


Here's How it Works:

1. Send us a request for a free telephone consultation.  Our team will review all aspects of our services, inclusive of asset collection, transportation, storage, selling procedures, and estimated fees.  *Note, the service price listed is an estimate and final quote may reflect a higher rate based on quantity of items being sold.  Following the consultation, the Customer will select the Full Service Package and issue payment for our services.  Upon receipt of payment, we will draft a final Agreement and issue to all parties for signatures. 

2. Our team of professionals will collect items for sale, transport to our facility, and create online sales listings within our various marketplace outlets.  You will determine the desired sale price of your item(s). 

3. We notify you once your item sells.  We issue the balance of the payment after 45 calendar days of item receipt.  Payments to sellers are issued via PayPal or Check.  

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