Limited Assistance Package

$9.99/Month + *30% Commission on Sales

Sale Lizard

You have come to the right place if you have basic computer & photography skills, and are able to ship your items to customers in a timely fashion once they sell.  The Limited Assistance Sale Lizard  package is perfect for customers who don't want to bother setting up and creating online sales accounts or worry about establishing online payment services.  We do the hard work to ensure your items are visible to online customers around the world, you get to enjoy the benefits of unlimited online sales!  

We generate online product listings for your goods after you submit product descriptions and photos.  Your items will be available for sale through our online storefront(s), affiliated with eBay, Amazon, and/or other marketplaces.  We satisfy all marketplace fees associated with your sales, along with our commission payment, and promptly issue you payment following a 30-day clearance period.


The Limited Assistance Sale Lizard Package requires customers be responsible for accurately describing their product(s) for sale, and adhering to timely shipping guidelines once items sell.   

Here's How it Works:

1. Select the Limited Assistance Sale Lizard Package and issue payment.  Instructions will be provided via email to finalize the registration process.  

2. Upload photos of your item(s) for sale, along with accurate descriptions.  Your monthly subscription allows you to generate as many items as you want to sell (unlimited).  You will also determine the desired sale price of your item(s).  Please note we only accept submissions for items that have an estimated $50.00 or greater value.

3. We notify you once your item sells, and provide your buyer's address for shipping.  You will be required to ship your item within three (3) business days.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your account and may result in account termination.  Send us the tracking details once you ship the item.  We issue your balance of the sale after 30 calendar days of item receipt.  


Additional Rules, Guidelines, and FAQs 


  • What Can I Submit for Sale?

    • We will not facilitate the sale of any prohibited items/goods/substances that do not comply with U.S. Federal or State regulations. 

    • Each marketplace has its own rules and guidelines and will ultimately dictate what can/can not be listed for sale. 

    • Items being sold must be valued at $50.00 or greater.  We will evaluate and ultimately determine what items are sellable through our storefront(s). 

  • Who Ships My Item to the Buyer?

    • You are responsible for shipping your item(s).  We will notify you once a sale is confirmed.  You will have up to three (3) business days to ship the item to the buyer, at your expense. 

    • You must provide us with tracking information within three (3) business day of sale.  Failing to do so may result in account termination.  ​

  • What If I'm Unavailable, There is Bad Weather, or I'm on Vacation and Can't Ship an Item?

    • Please contact us in advance of any known situations which may prevent you from ​fulfilling orders. We will pause or end any active listings upon notification from you.  You can notify us to resume your listings once you are able to again fulfill orders.  

    • We recognize emergency situations may impede your ability to ship an order timely.  These should be limited circumstances.  Multiple episodes will result in account termination and forfeiture of any unpaid subscription fees.  

  • What Shipping Service Should I Use?

    • We recommend USPS for lighter items (weight of ten pounds or less), but you may choose FedEx or UPS if you prefer.  Larger items can be shipped via ground services.  Please contact us if you prefer to use an alternative courier.  

  • Can I Allow Customers to Pick Up My Items at My Residence? 

    • Yes.  When you provide us with details of your item(s) for sale, you will determine if your item is eligible for local pick-up.  

  • Can I Cancel the Monthly Subscription?

    • Certainly.  Customers may cancel their subscriptions at any time, but must be within 14 days of their billing payment cycle to avoid additional charges.  Unless cancelled by the customer, monthly subscriptions are processed every 30 days, with no refunds. 

  • Why do you Charge a 30% Commission?  

    • Our commission structure is aligned with industry rates.  You are never charged a commission unless your items sells.  Our commission includes all charges associated with various marketplaces; storefront fees, end-of-sale fees, payment processing fees, and any other fees associated with the sale of your item.  After fees are satisfied, our commision from the sale is then applied to the order.  ​


Fee & Commission Example. 

(The below is a sample, and may not reflect exact values based on the actual time of sale.)

          Your Item Sells for $150.00

 - Sale Lizard Commission = 30% of Sale Price, or $45.00 

   Our 30% Commission covers all sale-oriented expenses:

 - Listing Fee 

 - Payment Processing Charge

 - Final Value, End-of-Sale Fee

 - After 30 Days of Receipt of Tracking Info, Your Payment is Issued ($105.00 Total)


  • Why Does it Take 30 Calendar Days for my Payment to be Sent?

    • The Marketplaces we utilize for online sales allow buyers at least 30-days to inspect the item, determine if it is accurately described.  In situations where the customer claims the item is not accurately described or requests a refund, we will accept the return request and process the refund within the 30-day time frame.  If there are no disputes or issues within 30 days of sale (delivery of item to the customer), we will issue your payment via EFT or Check.    

  • Do I Need to Charge Sales Tax on the Items I Sell?

    • We are required to collect Pennsylvania sales tax for all purchases made by Pennsylvania customers.  We will remit the sales tax to the Department of Revenue on your behalf.  

  • Do I Need to Pay Income Tax on the Sales?

    • We are required to remit 1099-MISC income forms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for all customers who receive at least $600.00 in revenue annually.  

  • How How Can I Tracking My Listings?

    • We will provide you with a link(s) to your items for sale.  You will have 24/7 access to your listings. 

  • What If I Decide I Don't Want to Ship an Item that Sells?

    • You are responsible to ship any items that sell through our service.  You may request a listing be paused or cancelled prior to a sale, but once an item sells, you must ensure it is shipped to the customer within three business days.  Failing to do so may result in a refund being issued to the buyer, and your selling privileges restricted or terminated.  Your monthly subscription fee will not be refunded in the event of account termination.     

  • What If a Buyer Requests a Return?  

    • Buyers are provided at least 30-days to inspect the item following receipt, determine if it is accurately described.  In situations where the customer claims the item is not accurately described or requests a refund, we will accept the return request and process the refund within the 30-day time frame.  The item will be shipped back to the address we have on file with your account.  Once the item is returned, you are required to ensure its safe delivery.  Please contact us if there are any issues with returns during the selling process.  Our 30% Commission is applied to each sale, regardless of the outcome of each sale.  

  • What Reporting Do You Provide?  

    • Our customers receive detailed reporting each month that includes the following information:

      • ​Buyer Name(s)

      • Buyer Address(es)

      • Item/Order Number(s)/ID(s)

      • Item Title(s)

      • Item Sale Price(s)

      • Sale Date(s)

      • Shipped Date(s)

      • Shipping Service(s) Used 

      • Shipping Tracking Number(s)

      • Commission Fee(s)

      • Final Payout Amount(s)

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